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who knows stefano?
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26. stefano ricci [spongebob]   (2010-05-19 8:49 PM)
thanks you mate! happy you have a nice site too!!

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25. IceCrown   (2010-05-19 2:50 AM) E-mail
biggrin cool cool cool cool

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24. IceCrown   (2010-05-19 2:50 AM) E-mail
WoW. . Nice Site Dude. .
batman hands

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23. Skahmed   (2009-11-15 2:41 PM) E-mail
Pleassssseee biggrin biggrin

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22. Skahmed   (2009-11-15 2:40 PM) E-mail
Pleasssssssseeee biggrin biggrin

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21. Skahmed   (2009-11-15 2:37 PM) E-mail
I like your site but I don,t no that how make it please guide me
My Skype address is: SKAHMED74
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My Google address is gtskahmed@gmail.com

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20. Genkds   (2009-11-15 0:59 AM) E-mail
Hey, Dude!
Cool site.

see mine: http://idustin.at.ua
biggrin cool dry happy sad smile surprised tongue wacko wink

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19. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:27 PM) E-mail

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18. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:25 PM) E-mail
Buu was rated by Wizard magazine as the 40th greatest villain of all time

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17. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:25 PM) E-mail

Like most characters in the Dragon Ball universe, Buu possesses super strength, enhanced speed, advanced reflexes, and can manipulate his chi in order to fly and use energy attacks.

Buu also has several abilities that stay consistant with his many forms. His rubbery body possesses a regenerative healing factor which causes him to heal at a sub-molecular level. He can reconfigure body portions into weapons, including stretching his extremities. Buu also can heal damaged beings, shapeshift, and transfigure other objects and organisms. He can also absorb other organisms by enveloping them with his body, and can replicate fighting techniques, even after witnessing them once.

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16. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:24 PM) E-mail
Upon the request of Goku that King Yemma overheard, Buu is reincarnated in the form of a human named Uub, who is then trained by Goku to become his successor, and who eventually merges with the Good Buu in Dragon Ball GT to counter threats such as Baby, Super Android 17 and Omega Shenron.

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15. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:23 PM) E-mail
Until Hercule convinced the earthlings to help, Goku barely had enough time to gather the power for the Spirit Bomb. When Goku fires the Spirit Bomb, Kid Buu blocks off the Spirit Bomb against Goku in a test of endurance. Vegeta sensing that Goku is running out of stamina, requests Dende to use the final wish from the Dragon Balls to restore Goku's original powers. As the Kid Buu is holding back the Spirit Bomb, Goku transforms to Super Saiyan and easily pushes the Spirit Bomb deeper towards Kid Buu. After Goku makes his final speech on hoping that Buu will be reincarnated as a good person, Goku pushes the Spirit Bomb with greater energy to destroy Kid Buu. Thus resulting in a victory for Goku.

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14. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:22 PM) E-mail
Goku and Vegeta then battle Buu on the world of the Supreme Kai. Even using his Super Saiyan 3 power, Goku is hardly able to damage Kid Buu at all. Eventually, Vegeta steps in and he too is no match for the power of Kid Buu. Later on during the fight, Good Buu is spit out by Kid Buu and he joins the fight, occupying Kid Buu while Vegeta starts a plan of reviving Planet Earth and its inhabitants for their help with a Super Spirit Bomb.

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13. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:21 PM) E-mail
After absorbing Gohan, Buu is confronted by the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Vegetto. Even after absorbing Gohan, Buu is no match for the power of Vegetto and is defeated without much effort. Vegetto then allows himself to be absorbed by Buu, so that he can save Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks. Inside of Buu, Goku and Vegeta defuse and are successful in finding the others as well as Good Buu. While inside Buu, Vegeta rips the Good Buu out and as a result, Super Buu reverts to his purest form, the original child state or "Kid Buu". Right away Kid Buu uses a large energy bomb to destroy the Earth.

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12. Purushotam [Dragondevil]   (2009-05-14 4:20 PM) E-mail
When he returns an hour or so later, he absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo and gains a vast amount of power, enough to overtake Gohan. Gohan is then saved by his father Goku, who plans on fusing, but it fails and Gohan is absorbed by Buu.

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